tag lag meaning and definition

tag lag meaning

the time lag between when a photo is taken and/or uploaded onto facebook and when the photo is finally tagged.

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Tagle meaning

(ta gueule) A frenchy STFU. Ta gueule means shut up in french, tagle is the "english way" to pronouce it.

Tagless meaning

Data or music that is downloaded with no album, artist, or song info.

taglet meaning

A small tag; a lightweight tag

tagliatelle meaning

big, juicy ass, junkdefied

tagliente meaning

A homosexual that is overwhelmed with joy when presented the oppurtunity to lick a fat man's butthole; drakster's lover

Tag like a possum meaning

The act of engaging in sexual relations with an unsightly woman while she is asleep or pretending to be dead…preferably in the middle of a dark country road at night

tagline meaning

A statement or a phrase, used as a slogan or punchline (of a joke), is known as tagline. It is also often used in social media profiles.

tagling meaning

a slang word for tag

Taglish meaning

A category of language that is mixed with Tagalog and English. Most often used by Filipino people that have forgotten how to speak Tagalog. They mix the Tagalog words up with their English sentences.