Taglish meaning and definition

Taglish meaning

A category of language that is mixed with Tagalog and English. Most often used by Filipino people that have forgotten how to speak Tagalog. They mix the Tagalog words up with their English sentences.

Taglish meaning

combination of tagalog and english language; is usually use by people who forget some big tagalog vocabularies such as: bighani, dismaya, aburido

Taglish meaning

a really annoying way to talk, usually used by the filipino nouveau riche beacuse they think it's cool

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taglor meaning

One who seeks to encourage debate by using shock tactics! to 'taggle' to enter into relatiatory debate with a 'taglor' to be 'tagged' to have lost in debate against a 'taglor'. Not that you could ever win a debate against a 'taglor'

tag magnet meaning

A person, usually a female, who has a record of dating multiple military servicemen. Different from a tag chaser in that a tag magnet doesn't "chase" these military suitors, they are "chased". Defined by the accidental track record for dating of military men rather than seeking them out, as well as lacking ulterior motives related to dating these men due to their jobs.

tagman meaning

a grown man who looks at pictures of little girls

tag me meaning

Being tagged on Facebook in a picture. If tagged, you will appear in a picture from someone elses album.

tag me in that photograph meaning

The facebook-inspired phrase for when you like something. A lot. If it were a photo, you'd want to be all over that.

tagmin meaning

A staff member in discord who can give roles (Tags) to other members

tagmonkey meaning

a person that makes tags for forums(images in signatures) can often be found at www.tagmonkey.net

Tag Name meaning

A username or other dominant identification name on a website/videogame server.

tagnastic meaning

when someone leaves the sticky price tag on the soles of thier shoes. they are "tagnastic"

Tagnastie meaning

a bunch of girls who think they are sweet and hot but are really skanks and are not. They are actually whores and sleep around with any guy who has legs