Tagnastie meaning and definition

Tagnastie meaning

a bunch of girls who think they are sweet and hot but are really skanks and are not. They are actually whores and sleep around with any guy who has legs

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Tag Nazi meaning

A member of a torrent tracker who is obsessed with Tags and always claims your Tags are wrong.Usually an ex-member of the now redundant torrent site Cheggit.

tagnorant meaning

Unable to use message board formatting tags correctly.

tagnut meaning

Must be of UK origin. You all seem to know what dangleberries or klingons are. Well, they're also referred to as Tag Nuts. The curse of puberty in every one of us.

Tagnut Trivia meaning

A form of trivia involving a small piece of pork to who is given if they answer the question correctly. The questions asked are general to everyones knowlege. The winner of the Tagnut asks they next question but is uneligable to answer it. The contestant who wins the most tagnuts is they tagnutteer of the night and has full bragging rights.

tago meaning

a completely redundant, dumbass observation. originally, it was "Truly A Great Observation (T.A.G.O.)".

tagoean meaning

A totem used in scouting. you can be a funny tagoean. Also a known belgian weblog about a person with an alias: Tagoean

Tagontantly meaning

Having the characteristics of somone who is tagontant.

Tagony meaning

When the price of item is monetarily unattainable.

tagooshnik meaning

A racist term against Alaska natives, whether they be Aleut, Inuit, Eskimo or Athabascan.

tagore meaning

The ugliest of your friends. The Tagore usually has warts or zits all over there face. Everyone is friends with a Tagore but doesn't hang out with them