Tahitian mudflap meaning and definition

Tahitian mudflap meaning

When you put your cock in a girls ass and stuff your balls in her pussy

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Tahitian mudslide meaning

The sexual act of a girl lubing up her anus by shitting on her partner's johnson, thus allowing for a stinkier yet more frictionless anal experience.

tahitian noni fruit meaning

A natural Polynesian fruit that has many documented cures..The fruit is patented by Tahitian Noni International currently a private company. This company has created 400 millionaires, and will create another 100 by the end of 2008.

tahitian sunrise meaning

Unprotected sex with a foreigner taking place between 7 AM-12 PM usually at a hotel or resort.

Tahitian Teatherball meaning

Before a girl performs oral sex she ties a string around the scrotum, then as the man is ready to ejaculate he removes the string to unleash the floodgates.

tahitian treat meaning

When performing cunnilingus on a girl while drunk, and you vomit inside of her vagina. You don't tell her, you just call it a night and let her figure it out later.

Tahitian Tummy Sticks meaning

A game played by two or more males, where they stand close enough together to engage their penises in a sort of "sword fight". The object of the game is to be the first to ejaculate, as the last person to ejaculate has to clean the "splash area" with their tongue. A sort of Tahitian treat...

Tahitian Twist meaning

When one man squatted above another man who is upside-down, on his shoulders, and is facing 180 degrees away from the other, puts each of their respective cock's in the opposing man's asshole and then begins to rotate in a circular motion whilst hopping up and down. This is a Tahitian Twist. The Tahitian Twist is estimated to have been developed between AD 300 and 800 when early cock-loving Polynesians settled in Tahiti and wanted to claim man cock & ass for their own. Many methods were tried and failed but the Tahitian Twist prevailed and is still in practice by many homo-sexual civilizations to this day.

tahitian vanilla bean meaning

When a man or woman submerges a gallon container of vanilla ice cream in another woman's asshole while furiously stabbing their clitoris

Tahiti Beating meaning

1)Getting motorboated by a woman by her breasts , instead of by mouth2)Repeatedly having breasts shaken in your face from side to side

Tahiti Blow Gun meaning

Rimming a man while giving a hearty reach around, then spitting just as he is about to blow his load making it look like you spat through his hole body, As if using a Tahiti blow gun.