tahjlyn meaning and definition

tahjlyn meaning

Cute loving person most likely have big lips good at sports and chill all the boys going to want her she the best friend anyone can have but if she tell u something mean she just telling the truth

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tahkai meaning

A Man with a very large penis , who loves females, and is very smart and great at basketball

TahKayKid meaning

A strange girl who likes older men possible about 40 years older she likes to fuck anyone who may ask her and may give blowjobs if required they love to be rammed hard

tahku meaning

someone who has a big fat butt and is ugly

Tahl meaning

is unique, organised, pretty, incredible, amazing, dancer, joyful person. You will never get enough of tahls. Her passion for dance is awesome. Her best friend loved her. and so does everyone else. TAHLS is stunning, her humour is sweet. everyone loves her and wants to be with her.

Tahle meaning

Tahle An awsome girl, who loves everyone and everything and can't be mad for long. She is a pretty black haired girl who is an amazing girlfriend and friend to have, but she can get pretty wild sometimes. She is short tempered, so don't piss her off too much.You will mainly find her at home, tucked in her bed with a cup of tee and a book in her hand. A beautiful, nice girl and a good kisser.

Tahlea meaning

Baddest mutha known to human nature. Shes the most stunning, beautiful, admirable, addorable woman ever. Shes probably a ninja or some other kickass profession eg. owner of your ASS/MUM. And the best wing attack ever known to the universe. She should be able to fly because of her stunning beauty and she definately makes it rain. You can't deny her talent because everything you can do, she does better. Tahlea will never be gumby or lanky and is able to jump and land without her ankles shaking.Tahlea is able to sore through the sky and kill you just with her stunning beauty. But she will never show it because everyone will be jealous and try and kill her, then she will have to kill them. Anyone who sees Tahlea wants to have sex wit her. This is not only for males but females aswell. Her sexiness is most undeniable.She is an absolute hottie and when ever she walks into a room everyone wants to be a her

tahleah meaning

Pronounced Ta-lee-a. An amazing, wonderful friend. Typically is short with long hair. A massive goody-goody. Mostly goes for annoying boys that are nice underneath. A driven woman over obssesed with doing well in school. Any one should be lucky to have her.

Tahlee meaning

One In A Million

Tahleel meaning

Noun: One who shirks responsibility. (A punjabi slang, popular in south asia but gaining ground as a consequence of immigrant communities in England and Scotland)

tahleena meaning

The most beautiful girl known to walk Earth. She has the most loving heart and the sweetest personality. She knows how to get stuff done and if she has to isn't afraid to push people out of the way. Any one with this name is the kindest angel of all with a temper. She knows how to stand up for herself and is very independent. And any guy to be able to claim her as his own is the luckiest guy known to man.