tahleena meaning and definition

tahleena meaning

The most beautiful girl known to walk Earth. She has the most loving heart and the sweetest personality. She knows how to get stuff done and if she has to isn't afraid to push people out of the way. Any one with this name is the kindest angel of all with a temper. She knows how to stand up for herself and is very independent. And any guy to be able to claim her as his own is the luckiest guy known to man.

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Tahlequah meaning

A small town in north eastern Oklahoma where an obnoxious amount of Emo kids thrive, a select amount of fantastic athletes, a not so great football team. Tahlequah has 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 2 high schools, and a college. Tahlequah is known for the interesting activities that goes on. For example, on the weekends some people like the "Cruise the 4 lanes" and show of their "sweet rides". Occasionally if you drive by Norris park you'll see a group of people playing with swords. Tahlequah use to be known for all the major violence that went on but now all the kids drink and smoke weed.

Tahlett meaning

Tahlett- (north america)- slang term for Toilet. Can also be used for anything else that is awesome.

Tahli meaning

amazing guy who is considered the best looking male in the universe but can he hateful towards certain people and i wouldnt get on his bad side because he will go crazy! if he likes you, you will be treated like a god.

Tahlia meaning

A beautiful girl who can make anyone smile and brighten up there days just by hearing hear laugh or seeing her smile. You would b lost without this girl if you ever went out with her

Tahlia wilson meaning

The most amazing, beautiful and wonderful girl to ever exist

Tahlib meaning

A cute guy. Sweet, Tall, extremely attractive, hazel or green eyes. ONe of the funnest guys you will ever meet. Very shy. Loves sports, typically basketball. Falls in love fast, and falls hard. Great person to be in a realtionship. Flirts.... A LOT. can be annoying at times. But once you look into those hazel eyes, you get over it. : )

tahlik meaning

an asshole with a small dick

Tahlil meaning

A cool guy who is always there for you! He has nice swagg and is tall but slim. He pulls many girls and always has lots of friends. He hangs out with rich kids and usually has alot of nice shoes and clothes. He is in love with his hats & is musically talented. He is somewhat hard headed but he is good at heart. He's usually pretty awesome.

tahlin meaning

Tahlin is a athletic girl and the funniest girl you'll ever meet! She is very determined and smart. She is also loyal and trustworthy. She will be there for you when you need her! Very pretty girl. Almost all the boys like her. She would be a good friend! She's very friendly!

tahlisha meaning

A very flexible person that excels at trying new things. Is sporty and is a leader, or acts like one. And is definitely an individual.