Xamer meaning and definition

Xamer meaning

Closing your eyes during sex and pretending she has downs.

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Xamich meaning

A jew with cave gold. and is a jew

Xamio meaning

A slang word often used to refer to a kidney.

Xamira meaning

Xamira aka Steph is a beautiful, talented young girl who will soon dominate the world.

xamm meaning

A particularly harsh referee for a gaming server. Will boot you for simple things, such as him stepping on one of your mines, or being too good with a panzer for his liking. He can be perfectly ok, but goes off his rocker at the slightest thing. You can tell a xamm for his use of the word "Clusterfucks"

Xamonthiene meaning

From the Laotian language, country of Laos. Also used in the English language: 1. Physically and mentally being strong. 2. The power or ablility to resist attack; impregnability. 3. To resist Strain or Stress; durability. 4. The ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly.

X Amount meaning

A term having Caribbean origins particularly Jamaican. It is a reference to the mathematical term x. Its usage is usually related to mysterious events. It is largely used as a sexual reference but it can be utilized as a financial conversational tool as well. It is synonymous with plenty. This is a slang term not usually used in professional settings.

xample meaning

Abbreviated example

xamx44 meaning

A username created in early 2000. In 3 years it grew to be a name known in the underground hacker circuits, and BBS's.

xan meaning

a tablet of alprazolam,a short acting benzodiazapine

Xan 30 meaning

The globally agreed upon time to pop a xan