Xamira meaning and definition

Xamira meaning

Xamira aka Steph is a beautiful, talented young girl who will soon dominate the world.

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xamm meaning

A particularly harsh referee for a gaming server. Will boot you for simple things, such as him stepping on one of your mines, or being too good with a panzer for his liking. He can be perfectly ok, but goes off his rocker at the slightest thing. You can tell a xamm for his use of the word "Clusterfucks"

Xamonthiene meaning

From the Laotian language, country of Laos. Also used in the English language: 1. Physically and mentally being strong. 2. The power or ablility to resist attack; impregnability. 3. To resist Strain or Stress; durability. 4. The ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly.

X Amount meaning

A term having Caribbean origins particularly Jamaican. It is a reference to the mathematical term x. Its usage is usually related to mysterious events. It is largely used as a sexual reference but it can be utilized as a financial conversational tool as well. It is synonymous with plenty. This is a slang term not usually used in professional settings.

xample meaning

Abbreviated example

xamx44 meaning

A username created in early 2000. In 3 years it grew to be a name known in the underground hacker circuits, and BBS's.

xan meaning

a tablet of alprazolam,a short acting benzodiazapine

Xan 30 meaning

The globally agreed upon time to pop a xan

xana meaning

German girl famed for having the world's most massive vagina. It is theorized that entire landmasses, including the lost city of Atlantis, have been claimed by Xana's enormous sexual organ.

xanaar meaning

an vague and obscure mythical god of vague and obscure things. typically ascribed with the epithet, 'the destroyer', xanaar the destroyer is one who speaks from computer generated tones and knows the meaning of nothing and the value of everything.

xanabar meaning

1. (n) inform. street slang for a "Xanbar", which is essentially 4 Xanax pills strung together. Users typically take at least one bar orally (as snorting the pill is inefective), or mix a few pills with alcohol or marijuana.