Xanadude meaning and definition

Xanadude meaning

A big fan (usually gay) of Olivia Newton John.

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xanafeyed meaning

The act of being under the influence of the anti-anxiety pharmaceutical Xanax.

Xanaps meaning

n. The period of sleep that follows the intake of Xanax or any other drug prescribed to combat anxiety.

xanarexic meaning

A thin female addicted to xanax.

xanat meaning

A really hot unique girl because not everyone has that name. She is funny and kind, but most importantly a good friend. Every guy wants her and every girl wants to be her. And let's not forget her long flowing hair, pretty smile, and eyes.

xanatini meaning

xanax martini

xanatized meaning

1. The act of having one's mind wiped clear of thought due to improper usage of the drug xanax. 2. Being stoned out of your gourd xannies.

Xanatos meaning

One of the coolest names ever conceived, helped by the fact that so few use it.

Xanatos Grey meaning

Xanatos Grey is the name of a badass motherf***** that is commonly RPing on YIM.

Xanatos research meaning

Any program of research in which any possible pattern of results, including null results, leads to interesting, publishable findings. Related to the concept of a Xanatos gambit, where any possible outcome to a scheme or plan leads to a victory for the mastermind of the plan.

xanax meaning

often referred to as "god's gift". basically, god got bored one day and decided to hook humans up with heaven on earth. i'm pretty positive that's how we got xanax.