Xanatos research meaning and definition

Xanatos research meaning

Any program of research in which any possible pattern of results, including null results, leads to interesting, publishable findings. Related to the concept of a Xanatos gambit, where any possible outcome to a scheme or plan leads to a victory for the mastermind of the plan.

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xanax meaning

often referred to as "god's gift". basically, god got bored one day and decided to hook humans up with heaven on earth. i'm pretty positive that's how we got xanax.

xanax bar meaning

a anti depressant that is a new "in" drug that is usually swallowed or crushed and snorted. you can become addicted to xanax

xanax bender meaning

An extended period of excessive, recreational usage of the popular anxiety medication xanax, typically lasting for several days, though in some cases much longer. These benders are marked by short- and long-term memory loss, blackouts, binge eating, exhaustion, slurred speech, lowered inhibitions, impaired decisionmaking abilities, and bizarre behavior.

xanax dick meaning

When you take so many benzos that you cant get it up

Xanaxin meaning

Sorta Like Chillaxin... only pharmaceutically assisted.

Xanax Kid meaning

A person that goes to high school, talks like he's Lil Wayne and talk about how they listen to soundcloud and take the prescription drug Xanax. Xanax kids usually wear hoodies with weird patterns or just a random picture on a shirt. They also wear their hoods half way up there heads, which makes it look like their hood is just resting on the back of there head. If you see a Xanax kid you should try to avoid all contact as they well try to get you to listen to their mixtape on SoundCloud.

xanax munchies meaning

Medical term referring to the experience of irrational, insatiable hunger that typically follows recreational administration of the popular anxiety drug Xanax. Xanax munchies are frequently accompanied by blackouts, during which one forgets what foods he or she has just recently eaten.

xanax pancake meaning

The crushed up circular powder pile made when you crush up xanax or other benzos, by covering the pill with a bill and smashing it. Usually with a Bic lighter.

Xanaxplanation meaning

When you have to make up an explanation for the night before, because you took Xanax and have no idea what you did.

Xanax puff meaning

a new type of weed but laced with a substantial amount of Xanax the amount its laced depends on the user. usually found on flinders street by dealersthe weed can also be altered by adding some of your own medicine.