Xandor meaning and definition

Xandor meaning

A dog owned by a fag

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xandr meaning

Xandr is a idiot. But he can get many girls to like him. He may be cute but in another way as in feeling bad way. He is dumb but tries his best at acting smart. He can be a jerk at times if you get him mad.

xandra meaning

1. A puerto rican female with large breasts. 2. A naked chef. 3. A type of drug for insomniacs. 4. Child abuser.

xandre meaning

Xandre is a loyal boyfriend that will never harm his girl. he might not be a straight A student but he is athletic. You will learn something new about Xandre everyday. He is the bestest friend you vould have and a very hilarious person.

Xandrea meaning

Xandrea is a beautiful and amazing girl with dory skills and if your not careful they may rub off on ya. She likes Pizza, the word, and cookie, Snickerdoodles, awesomeness, and anenonnenenemes. Hehehe. Xandrea is hilarious and cute and her laugh is amazing. When she smiles the whole room seems to go up in flames. Lastly, Xandrea is a snickerdoodle, and almost everyone likes her (some more than others).

Xandria meaning

The pimpinest name dere eva was. Refers to a fine girl, that you would very much like to "hit".

xandro meaning

Someone who is very unique! They can draw very well and often shy to new people especially if the person that they meet is bold. They love to cuddle and spoon. They can do anything they put there mind too! And they also are very attractive! They are perfect boyfriend/Girlfriend material.

Xandryn meaning

Your name is uncommon, like your personallity, strong willed and defiant, your opinion is what matters. Very meticulous in what you do, frustrate easily when things are not perfect.

xandy bar meaning

a term used to describe placing xanex pills into a candy bar and eating it. xanex+candy=xandy bar

xane meaning

I sweet kid that can sometimes be taken for granted. He can be kinda clingy and a badass but he's awesome. Also very good looking

Xanecdote meaning

a short and amusing or interesting story told about a real incident or person on xanax, or told while on xanax