xanies meaning and definition

xanies meaning

slang for xanax (alprazolam), a commonly prescribed benzodiazepine

xanies meaning

Slang term for a xanax bar.

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xanimal meaning

to be really fucked up on xanax

xanise meaning

Xanise, a name typically give to a girl. She can be shy at first. Has a beautiful smile. Loves to have a good time but can be very skeptical about things. She likes to be around people, but also treasures alone time. Is creative and holds friends close. She dreams big and is easily torn down. Has a hard time finding a relationship/partner, falls easily. However once Xanise has found the one she is set for the rest of her life. Keep a Xanise close, they make great friends and are a blast to be around.

xanish meaning

the act of "vanishing" while under the influence of Xanax™

Xanitron meaning

A superior being who walks behind the shadow God to the Super Sayjin with the power to control punani.

Xanittude meaning

The attitude that comes from the hangover or over use of Xanax.

xanity meaning

A nice girl, one you can look up to, but be careful not to make her mad for she will be a firecracker just waiting to be lit off.

xanka meaning

The word xanka comes from the ancient greek term 'great friend.' When a caveman wanted to express gratitude for a exquisite friend and overall beautiful person they would simply exclaim; XANK YOU VERY MUCH FRIEND. The word has since then, evolved into the term Xanka. The term Xanka is now used to express the epitomy of a good person. see also xanthe

Xanker meaning

A pimple that forms where the hole of the dick is causing a block in the passage way of pee and sperm.

Xan Kriegor meaning

In 2291 when 'Consensual murder' is legalized Xan Kriegor rose up from the underbelly of society and began to compete in the Liandri Tournament, later renamed the Unreal Tournament. Having already been infamous more numerous winnings in former tournaments, it was no surprise to see him become the winner of the first tournament. He leads the Liandri Corporation sponsored team - "The Corrupt". Yet it 2293, Malcolm, a human, unseats Xan who goes into a hiatus at the Liandri Corporation Headquarters for upgrades. Then in 2303 (year of Unreal Tournament 2004). Gorge who'd defeated Malcolm the year before, Malcolm himself, and Xan Kriegor all have their own sponsored teams and compete in the tournament.

xanna meaning

a totally awesome girl whose a hardcore musician and is usually an awesome friend.This person has the ability to make anyone smile.Xanna's are great overall people and soon to be world renowned musicians. Xanna is often very quirky and funny as well as inexplicably random