_O_ meaning and definition

_O_ meaning

Means you worship someone.

_O_ meaning

The official emotocon of spread butt cheeks. Usually followed by <----8

_O_ meaning

Means you praise someone, for saying something

_O_ meaning

n. text representation of an open or gaped asshole. Also a pussy that has been stretched.

_O_ meaning

Ass hole pictograph

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O|¯\_ meaning

ASCII representation of the word orz. It is defined as being either; A Man Banging his head in frustration. or Getting rammed in the ass.

O- meaning

an ounce

{ó} meaning

ASCII rendition off everyone's favorite female sex organ

o_0 meaning

Emoticon for an intimidating, bug-eyed glare; no blinking.

o0 i o i 00 meaning

A.K.A. o0: Pronounced oh 0h. Training to be The First Maxed Granite Maul/Accumulator Pure In Runescape.