AAFC meaning and definition

AAFC meaning

'AAFC' stands for 'Australian Air Force Cadets,' The AAFC are a community organisation funded by the Royal Australian Air Force in order to develop younger children to grow up with a knowledge or passion for aviation, as well as building self-dicipline traits. The AAFC are set up into different wings, which seperate each state, within each wing are different squadrons. The AAFC offer many different oppertunities which range from flying aircraft, right through to going on outdoor military camps. The AAFC teach different subjects, such as Aircraft recognition, aviation, drill and ceremonial, fieldcraft and more.

AAFC meaning

An acronym standing for Arrow Alphabet Fan Club. This has since been used as a band name for an Indie group in the North of England.

AAFC meaning

American Anal Flying Club.

AAFC meaning

aafc is short for australian air force cadets. in other words, they SUCK

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AAFES meaning

Asian American Female Employment Services

AAFH meaning

At a friend's house; used best in texting or IM situations. Much laziness required.

Aafia meaning

an absolutaley beautiful girl inside and out. her personality is amazing and she gives the best advise ever. she is always smiling and never gets into bad drama. shes the best role model anyone could ever ask for. and most of all, shes the best big sister ever

Aafreen meaning

The most beautiful girl in the planet; not just external beauty but internal as well. Extremely trustworthy, honest,loving, caring and the best human being.

Aafro meaning

When a kick-ass white dude named Aaron is sportin' a sweet afro wig.