AYI meaning and definition

AYI meaning

Short for "Are You Interested". AYI is a popular application on Facebook in which random people scan through pictures of members of the opposite sex in their age group. You can click "Yes (Let Them Know)", "Yes (Anonymous)", or "Skip". You can narrow your search buy finding people in you country or state.

AYI meaning

A food product (in bar form) that was originally made in China which helped in bulimia. It's banned in several countires (including Greenland) and has been found to attract baby alligators.

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Ayia meaning

The most amazing woman you will ever meet in your entire life. Ayia is complex, deep, astounding, and full of surprises. The complexities of her beautiful soul will mystify you to the ends of the universe. Her inner beauty is greater than that of anyone else, even if she doesn't see it for herself. Ayia is definitely one of the most amazing people you will ever meet and she will leave an impact on you that you will never forget.

ayiana meaning

a smart, funny, caring girl with a banging body who enjoys the company of her friends. Ayiana seems like a hard nut to crack, but once you got her, you'll be hooked.

Ayick meaning

(aw-yick)–interjection (used to express extreme success or satisfaction when finding something)Meaning: There it is!!You will normally hear this word spoken by children under the age of three.

ayie meaning

Usually used when ending a question like a question mark

ayieee meaning

A term that derives from the mystical land of 'Essex'. It is usually shouted and is used to demonstrate a strong emotion of some kind. That emotion can vary from extreme happiness to sadness or mere frustration. The shout is often used in competitive sports and can be used when the player has won or lost a point.