AYJO meaning and definition

AYJO meaning

the arctic youth Jazz orcestra, the wery best!

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AYK meaning

As You Know

Aykhan meaning

Aykhan is someone who is always there for you, he may be quite but Sensitive. He has a great personality, Good looking, Very talented, Known or Popular, Charming and a Lady's man. So if your a girl and you meet an Aykhan don't take him for granted.

ayki meaning

And you know it.

AYKM meaning

Short for "Are You Kidding Me"?

Aykmadoerk meaning

It's just a catch word for some Names which short handles the names. It's a an word for "Jerk" too. You can use it as an question and an Statement too.

aykut meaning

the name of a Turkic tribe in northeastern Siberia

ayl meaning

Are you listning. Used when texting. comes from a commercial

ayla meaning

an ayla is an amazing girl. the name means they will be gorgeous, intelligent, athletic, and always is willing to listen to others. ayla is patient and kind and loyal. ayla is simply amazing.

ayla b meaning

tyte, hype

aylabingit meaning

short term for im loving it!