Aab meaning and definition

Aab meaning

Abbreviation for average at best.

Aab meaning

Is a danish soccer team. located in Nothern Jutland of Denmark. means: Aalborg Boldklub. Translated Aalborg ball club

Aab meaning

Amazing Asian Beauty.

Aab meaning

A word to describe a feeling of complete joy but at a very sad time.

Aab meaning

Always A Bitch SyndromeThink - Someone with PMS not just one week a month, but ALL the time.When someone is always in a bad mood and wants everyone else to be as cranky as her/him. This person often does/says mean things to other people in an attempt to get them to feel as bad as him/her.

Aab meaning

Periodic symbol AAB. Atomic weight, don't ask! Also known to be, Less than average or perfect.This element is known for its overwhelmingly high amount of protrons and ability to positively charge negative electronics. Any bond formed with AAB is covalent (the strongest) and know if broken will result in the destruction of the other atom.Only one pure AAB atom is known to exist and bonded with the atom JJS on September 16th 2011. Together they form JJS♡AAB, a form of energy not to be taken lightly having the ability to effect all other elements that come in contact.

Aab meaning

Acidic Anal Burnout - condition where the rectum stings, usualy associated with loose stool and spicy/acidic foods.

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aabacob meaning

A very large ear of corn

aaban meaning

Simply a gigantic retard who has a tiny penis. Warning: Girls, don't get in to bed with him, he has a tiny penis, but his flirt game is strong.

aabay meaning

Anger. This is sometimes shouted when a person is very angry at another person.

AABD meaning

acronym for "Arrested Adolescence, Bail Denied" / a chronic case of arrested adolescence

Aabed meaning

he is a fucking cunt

Aabefact meaning

A word or name coined deliberately to feature on the first page of any dictionary or listing.

aabekm meaning

an awesome group of girls. very hot, good looking.

Aaberly meaning

A girl with a lovely personality and is proud to be a virgin.

Aabha meaning

It means light, radiance and beauty.

Aabis meaning

Aabis is not a name but is a sort of person in ethiopian language we describe this person a gay indian guy