aaaaaaaaaardvark meaning and definition

aaaaaaaaaardvark meaning

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aaaaaaahhhhhhh meaning

That feeling where you just want to scream so loud that it overtakes your body and envelope the world around you in anguish.Also shouted upon seeing exceptionally large/hairy spiders by most human females.AAAAAAAAAAH That's a huge ass spider. Honey come kill it. - Some Chick.


What you say when someone is trying/attempting to show off. Pronounced "ahr" but add a sort of crescendo to the a.


The sound an average IRC nerd makes when he cums all over his screen.

aaaaaadddeeeeeeemmmmm meaning

noun: slang term for a boy who gets raped by oversized black males (often found in prisons), commonly used on Xbox live


a visual word to describe that moment when you wish to pull your hair out and scream loudly and imagine a screen shot of you that spins away above your head leaving you standing alone shouting AAAAAAAHHHHHHH in your current surrounding, anyone else around you is oblivious to you. (various spellings open to poetic licence) Open to similar visualisations, to convey frustration, and a sence of despair and loneliness, when things go wrong inspite of best laid plans. Or A sudden realisation of hoplessnes. It is a worse feeling than needing to use a expletive such as Sh+t, which is for somthing short sharp and painfull....