aaagnulshatz meaning and definition

aaagnulshatz meaning

The act of defecating on a goats hoof, then having one's sexual partner feast upon the goat's hoof which is covered with severe diarheal fecal matter. This term was coined in the early 18th century in alpen austria where sheperds found much amusement by giving local prostetutes aaagnulshatz's.

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aaahhmmm meaning

A combination of the words ah and hmmm. Used when you realize something new but don't know what the other person is talking about.

Aaahh Train meaning

Its a russian version of the A-Train. It's fictional and only used as a joke. Invented by two highschoolers. Much like the Fail Boat. Only its the Epic Win of Motorised Vehicles.

AAAIDU meaning

Another annoying acronym I don't understand

Aaaight meaning

aaaight is another way to say alright

aaal meaning

aaal is an acronym for the solstice and zenithabsence axis angular loss