aaau meaning and definition

aaau meaning

Acronym for the fictitious group called Americans Against Acronym Usage.

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Aaauuusheybooboo meaning

Mocking someone who is being moody/huffy/upset

aaay meaning

A word to draw attention to a notable innuendo; preferably of the sexual nature.

aaay yo meaning

Used to express a shocking idea or astonishment

aaayyy meaning

A word/noise used when you are showing off about a new item you have

aaayyyy meaning

Means just kidding. Navajo (johnny) slang. Most Navajos would relate.Said like The Canadian slang. How about them AZ Cardinals EEYY?Or Cholo style. What up EEYY?Has to be dragged out though. aaaaayyyyy or aaaaaaaaaa.You could mess with a person make it sound serious but after a pause you put aaayyy at the end, the person your fucking with will know you were fucking with them. They'll be relieved but at the same time they'll want to punch you in the fuckin face,