aaayyy meaning and definition

aaayyy meaning

A word/noise used when you are showing off about a new item you have

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aaayyyy meaning

Means just kidding. Navajo (johnny) slang. Most Navajos would relate.Said like The Canadian slang. How about them AZ Cardinals EEYY?Or Cholo style. What up EEYY?Has to be dragged out though. aaaaayyyyy or aaaaaaaaaa.You could mess with a person make it sound serious but after a pause you put aaayyy at the end, the person your fucking with will know you were fucking with them. They'll be relieved but at the same time they'll want to punch you in the fuckin face,

aaazy meaning

Sarcastic, not friendly or safe around young children, but having a deep love for Lebron James and the Knicks.

Aab meaning

Amazing Asian Beauty.

aabacob meaning

A very large ear of corn

aaban meaning

Simply a gigantic retard who has a tiny penis. Warning: Girls, don't get in to bed with him, he has a tiny penis, but his flirt game is strong.

aabay meaning

Anger. This is sometimes shouted when a person is very angry at another person.

AABD meaning

acronym for "Arrested Adolescence, Bail Denied" / a chronic case of arrested adolescence

Aabed meaning

he is a fucking cunt

Aabefact meaning

A word or name coined deliberately to feature on the first page of any dictionary or listing.

aabekm meaning

an awesome group of girls. very hot, good looking.