aabacob meaning and definition

aabacob meaning

A very large ear of corn

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aaban meaning

Simply a gigantic retard who has a tiny penis. Warning: Girls, don't get in to bed with him, he has a tiny penis, but his flirt game is strong.

aabay meaning

Anger. This is sometimes shouted when a person is very angry at another person.

AABD meaning

acronym for "Arrested Adolescence, Bail Denied" / a chronic case of arrested adolescence

Aabed meaning

he is a fucking cunt

Aabefact meaning

A word or name coined deliberately to feature on the first page of any dictionary or listing.

aabekm meaning

an awesome group of girls. very hot, good looking.

Aaberly meaning

A girl with a lovely personality and is proud to be a virgin.

Aabha meaning

It means light, radiance and beauty.

Aabis meaning

Aabis is not a name but is a sort of person in ethiopian language we describe this person a gay indian guy

aabr meaning

Short for Arts Academy At Benjamin Rush, a performing arts high school in Philly.