aabr meaning and definition

aabr meaning

Short for Arts Academy At Benjamin Rush, a performing arts high school in Philly.

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Aabri meaning

the pretiest, funniest and smartist girl ever. she will put a smile on anyones face.

AAC meaning

1.The oldest in something;the greatest 2.first word in the dictionary

aa cha meaning

Something to say when you want to sound extreamly dope because you know you are but you just want the rest of the word to get it

Aachal meaning

A Hindu chick very cute and lovable kinda short. Horny as fuck! Always smiling with a big ass and tits.

Aachen meaning

German city in the mid-west, in North-Rhine Westphalia. Right at the border to both Belgium and the Netherlands.260.000 inhabitants on 160.83 km2.Favourite residence of Charlemagne in the middle ages.Smells of Marmelade and Chocolate, due to Zentis and Lindt who have huge factories near the town centre.Best clubs to go out are Apollo, B9 and Starfish.