AACP meaning and definition

AACP meaning

AACP stands for Association of Ahmadi Computer Professionals. It groups computer professionals, students and hobbyists of Ahmadi Muslim community all over the world.

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aa cup meaning

The smallest possible breast size.Measuring less than 1 inch difference between the bust and the below bust (band) measurments.

AAD meaning

Acquired Asshole Deficiency Syndrome. A tragic condition in which radiation damage causes the taint to fuse to the other side of the asshole, resulting in a plug sufficient to partially or completely prevent defecation.Warning signs: prior to the development of full blown AADS, one may notice tingling agarose.Known risk factors: microwave exposure. Exposure to American Dad.Treatment: can sometimes be treated with a diet that produces wet diarrhea. May also be corrected by painful surgery.Antonym- fistula.

Aada meaning

Someone who shit posts all over the internet with irrelevant information.

aadalynn meaning

Aadalynn is a gift from God. beautiful, Smart, and the most important person you'll meet! An aadalynn is life changing. They can feel you heart with love the moment your eyes meet. You won't want to live without them in your life once you've met. And maybe a little crazy at times.

aadd meaning

Anti-Attention Deficit Disorder. AKA Adderall.