aadd meaning and definition

aadd meaning

Anti-Attention Deficit Disorder. AKA Adderall.

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aadel meaning

A gay guy who suffers from several syndroms. This person is unable to stop swearing and will usually curse in front of teachers. He has been extremely moody since two of his friends teamworked his mum. He is also severly obese and racist to asians, whites and blacks.

Aaden meaning

A name typically used by mexicans which infact, is not a real name at all.

Aadev meaning

A great guy, with a unusually big dick. He's caring and will always know what to say when you are feeling down. If u do meet him, fuck him right there.

AADF meaning

Acronym for:Average American Dysfunctional Family

Aadhar meaning

Worthless Hair found in the ass!

Aadhira meaning

A unique name. She might not be beautiful on the outside, but her soul is pure and loveable. People should learn to appreciate what's on the inside, not outside.She's had a grim history, a dark past, but she will put that behind her to do anything to help others and make them happy. She will suppress any feelings so the people she love, are happy. People judge before getting to know her. She's a strong person who doesn't cry in front of others, she bawls her eyes out when she is alone. She will do anything to help her friends, but no one realizes or pays attention to how she feels. She usually won't step up and say how she feels, she will hide it and it's going to kill her mind. Not many people like her but for those who know her, they're blessed with an amazing friend.

aadhish meaning

a gangsta cool dudde

Aadi meaning

An extremely nerdy Indian weeaboo who is also the most massive babe magnet with unparalleled sexual prowess

aadibah meaning

someone who is overweight and spends all their time eating.

AA dick meaning

A dick that is the same size as a AA battery