aadhish meaning and definition

aadhish meaning

a gangsta cool dudde

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Aadi meaning

An extremely nerdy Indian weeaboo who is also the most massive babe magnet with unparalleled sexual prowess

aadibah meaning

someone who is overweight and spends all their time eating.

AA dick meaning

A dick that is the same size as a AA battery

aadil meaning

a person who is amazing in evrey way is attractive,funny,and athletic.and doesnt break up with girls and extreamly popualar.also a person who looks like justin bieber.

aadila meaning

Just. Honest. Equal. Upright. Beautiful girl who has no idea how amazing she truly is. Very soft hearted and fragile. Good sense of humour, and especially good at putting on a fake cough. Talented all rounder who has excelled religiously, academically and socially. Rumoured to be the next mother Teresa. Dreams of one day being a fairy as well as a mother, and once both roles have been achieved finally reaching the ultimate status of being a fairy god mother. Will type her name in urban dictionary in future when feeling sad just to remember how amazing she truly is. Dreamer, achiever, most incredible person I know.