aaf meaning and definition

aaf meaning

awkward as fuck.

aaf meaning

always and forever is what it means

aaf meaning

annoying as fuck

aaf meaning

Alpha as fuck.Something that displays the quality of an alpha male.

aaf meaning

Abbreviation for a popular Uni Games phrase Awkward As Fuck. AAF is easier to roll off the tongue and easier to chant, especially late at night, to people who are being Awkward As Fuck or who are always Awkward As Fuck. Saying AAF rather than awkward as fuck will keep the perpetrator oblivious to the fact they are awkward as fuck.

aaf meaning

1] always and forever 2] as a friend

aaf meaning

African American Female

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aafaaf meaning

as a friend always and forever

AAFC meaning

aafc is short for australian air force cadets. in other words, they SUCK

AAFES meaning

Asian American Female Employment Services

AAFH meaning

At a friend's house; used best in texting or IM situations. Much laziness required.

Aafia meaning

an absolutaley beautiful girl inside and out. her personality is amazing and she gives the best advise ever. she is always smiling and never gets into bad drama. shes the best role model anyone could ever ask for. and most of all, shes the best big sister ever