AAFES meaning and definition

AAFES meaning

Army Air Force Exchange Service

AAFES meaning

Asian American Female Employment Services

AAFES meaning

Pronounced "ay-feez"; acronym for Army and Air Force Exchange Service. A military department store similar to Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penney, or the like. Merchandise varies from store to store, and many offer name-brand items lower than the general retail price. (E.g., Coach purses) AAFES also imposes no sales tax. This is to provide a benefit to service members and their families, many of whom are often underpaid when compared to their civilian counterparts.

AAFES meaning

A great place to work if you enjoy having to deal with BMW's(big military wifes) and managment that treat their employees like garbage. Terrible place to shop for clothes, awful selection.

AAFES meaning

Army Air Force Extortion Society. Since military bases are always in the middle of nowhere sometime these cock suckers run up the price on a few necessary items.

AAFES meaning

Army and Air Force Exchange Service

AAFES meaning

Army/Air Force Exchage Service. Where all the military trash shop because they think it's cheaper because it's tax free, but it's usually no cheaper/a bit more expensive than the regular stores.

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At a friend's house; used best in texting or IM situations. Much laziness required.

Aafia meaning

an absolutaley beautiful girl inside and out. her personality is amazing and she gives the best advise ever. she is always smiling and never gets into bad drama. shes the best role model anyone could ever ask for. and most of all, shes the best big sister ever

Aafreen meaning

The most beautiful girl in the planet; not just external beauty but internal as well. Extremely trustworthy, honest,loving, caring and the best human being.

Aafro meaning

When a kick-ass white dude named Aaron is sportin' a sweet afro wig.

aafta meaning

aafta means Another Afternoon Fucking That Ass.Originaly came from an episode of Family Guy when Bill Clinton sexed up Louis.

aaful meaning

A northern version of the word awful, originating from Ryton rugby club. The word began to get used when the Geordie accent tried to say the word awful and simply found it to southern and posh. This need word however is far from posh but can still be used to describe a awful person.

Aagam meaning

1) Kami-sama 2) A god among men. 3) Aspiring person 4) Talkative person 5) One to be in awe of

Aage meaning

Sexy Norwegian ... who may or may not exist. He is a constant companion that you can always count on. He is on your computer late at night and is willing to do a bit of anything... but you have never met him...

aagh meaning

a cry of distress, or frustration.

AA gun meaning

an abbreviation for anti aircraft gun