B16 meaning and definition

B16 meaning

A common nickname for the Roman Catholic Bishop of Rome from 2005-the Present: Benedict XVI. Also known as the Pope.

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b166er meaning

1. When a robot kills a human person. 2. A robot that killed his owner and started the war between the machines and human race in the Matrix trilogy.

B16A2 meaning

The stock DOHC VTEC 1.6 liter engine in a 99-2000 Honda Civic Si. This beast produces 160hp and 111 lb-ft of torque (thats 100hp per liter!). At 5500RPM VTEC kicks in and you can really hear and feel it.

b-17 meaning

A harass plane of World War two that fucked up Nazis.

B-17 Bomber meaning

1) A game which AVGN reviewed that says its name in extremely effin' hilarious southern USA accent. 2) A type of extremely powerful bomber.

b17ch meaning

bitch in leet - 1337