B2F4LHDNQA meaning and definition

B2F4LHDNQA meaning

B-best 2F-Friends Forever 4-For L-Life H-Hands D-Down N-No Q-Questions A-Asked Best Friends Forever For Life Hands Down No Questions Asked.

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B2G meaning

You use when you want to say the coolest fucking thing ever.

b2gb meaning

A way of saying "about to get bopped," or intoxicated. Similar to "b2gh"

b2gh meaning

another way to say "bout 2 get high"

b2go meaning

bout to get off or bout to go

b2k meaning

To want to get with a girl. Used because b2k has that song "Bump Bump Bump". This is like a code word that can be used so that other people don't know what your talking about

b2k3 meaning

aka botty aka bot2k3 god's and msn's most intelligent bot! word games, chat rooms, weather checker, zip code checker, and a gazillion other functions! siebe and nick came up with it from scratch and it was their best invention ever- yet! embee is toppin the hall of fame ;) and needless to say: an avid fan

B2L meaning

It is an acronym of "Born 2 lose", or "Born to lose".

b2m meaning

Back To Me.

B2 mission meaning

Taking a very large crap in a public bathroom, although it must be done very steathily, and it must obliterate all sense of smell within twenty or thirty feet.

B2P meaning

Meaning "buy to play." It is used to describe MMORPG's that you only have to pay for once to play it.