B| meaning and definition

B| meaning

A mad/serious face with a comical tone to it.

B| meaning

The coolface is a glasses face that has no expression. Usually used in Garden Grove California!

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B[ meaning

The angry frump emoticon. Observe the furrowed brow and deep frump lines on the sides of the mouth.

b0 meaning

Commonly thought to be a abbrevation for Body Odour, it is actually an independent word to be used in a sentence. Commonly used in direct speech to convey greetings and break the ice.

b00 meaning

An affectionate name for your internet boyfriend or girlfriend. Derived from boo, but with the added pleasure of leet.

B000EULZDC meaning

LOST the game.

b00allz meaning

The word b00allz comes from the word balls. It is used to describe any situation which has gone bad or is not in your favor.