b0i meaning and definition

b0i meaning

A retarded spelling of the original word "boy". Engineered to look like "punk" slang because of the precarious use of the suffix "oi".

b0i meaning

a angrogonous lesbian

b0i meaning

a lesbian, or an androgonous female~ derived from queer culture, now found common place in the mainstream although the meaning has become obscured with uses actually thinking it means boy in the male sense rather than the queer.

b0i meaning

a lesbian- The word 'b0i' has been part of lesbian counter-culture for some time now and is often used by lesbians to describe each other in the same way as the word dyke is used. However, it has found its way into the mainstream creating confusion. It is a popular misconception that b0i means boy rather than one whi is a lesbian.

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B0ii meaning

An Internet-popular way to type "boy", "teenage male", "man", or "boyfriend", usually practiced by l33t and gh3tt0 individuals.

b0lly meaning

billy corgan... lead guitarist in the smashing pumpkins

b0llygate meaning

The scandal in which two overzealous Smashing Pumpkins fans reportedly involved in a felonious lessening of soul-burning potential by leaking photos for the band's latest album.

b0mb diggity frEsh meaning

when something is or when someone looks really good .

b0n0 meaning

anagram of n00b, or noob. means the same thing as the above. common variation is b0n0tron.