b0nch meaning and definition

b0nch meaning

1. The area between the penis and the anus, possessed only by those who are L337. Not to be confused with bonch. 2. One who is b0nch-like.

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b0ne meaning

to shag a chick

b0ned meaning

Runs along the same line as "Owned" or "Pwned" Basically just another highly original rhyming terms for the "owning/b0ning of noobs"

b0ner meaning

How stupid people say boner

b0ng meaning

Someone who is the biggest retard ever

b0nged meaning

to be b0nged is to be pwned i.e. getting tp'd is considered getting b00000nged, or having something bad happen to you in a embarrassing way like breaking your leg while trying to be a ballerina