b0rk meaning and definition

b0rk meaning

Noun, meaning something which is broken, buggered or generally not fully functional. Probably derived from a typo of "broken" or "broked"

b0rk meaning

Alt meaning: Common noun spoken by Puppetus Swedish-Chefticus.

b0rk meaning

Stupid moronic chat bot used by clubsoft usually on Blitzed net #tgf or #apocalypticcoders

b0rk meaning


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b0rk0red meaning

Borked, Broken.

b0rk3d meaning

verb. destroyed, taken down, and made a fool of. You do not want to get b0rk3d. similar to pwned, used widely among gamers

b0rk3n meaning

h4x0r calling for the word: broken

b0rkatron meaning

tha bafroom - where I make poopoo

b0rked meaning

L337 version of "broke" or "broken", usually pertaining to computers or computer programs. Something that is deemed b0rked is usually messed up beyond repair or recall.