b0rkatron meaning and definition

b0rkatron meaning

Someone who totally owns/pwns/dominates all else.

b0rkatron meaning

the grand champion of the world that doesn't even care if people hax cause he still powns them in the mouth face piece anyways and don't even give a shit and just starts pumpin biggie small in the background and sprintin like 9 miles a day and is like yo i'm fast as fuck and makes out with coach vanatta

b0rkatron meaning

the l33test of the l33t, the b0rkatron will pwn anyone or thing with his/her l33tness

b0rkatron meaning

tha bafroom - where I make poopoo

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b0rked meaning

L337 version of "broke" or "broken", usually pertaining to computers or computer programs. Something that is deemed b0rked is usually messed up beyond repair or recall.

b0rkstage p0werz meaning

A 1337 phrase used by many followers of the WWE and the ongoing title shots wrestler Triple H gets at seemingly EVERY pay-per-view.

b0rkt meaning

broken, in a state of disrepair, non-functional. Usually refers to computer or electronic equipment. See b0rked borked fukt

b0rkz0r meaning

to pwn/to kill all in sight

b0ss meaning

Your master, higher-up, or friend, whom you regard with fondness. In the case of Pink Guy, b0ss could also refer to a stranger or enemy.