b0x0r meaning and definition

b0x0r meaning

it's a box. a box is a computer. w00t!

b0x0r meaning

things that get r0x0red

b0x0r meaning

a computer, usually connected to some kind of network whether it be the internet of a lan at a cafe

b0x0r meaning

1. A slang term for a computer's tower, oft used in refering to a hacking. 2. A "l337" conversion of box, which refers to one's entire computer usually in referance to a "bring your own box" lan.

b0x0r meaning

leetspeek for "Boxor". Can also be used as a verb.

b0x0r meaning

b0x0r is another way to say boxers, which are the type of underwear I wear

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b0x0rz meaning

primarily slang for a computer, or "box" some missuse has skewed the definition and is sometimes used to mean "boxers" as in "boxer shorts"

b0x1d meaning

all mine ! all mine ! all mine ! all mine ! all mine ! all mine ! all mine ! luv u lots (K)

b0xman meaning

fag, queer, and all homosexuals rolled into one

b0xx0rs meaning

A fun way to say "boxers"

b0xx0rz meaning

L33t term for "boxers".