b0xman meaning and definition

b0xman meaning

Superhero with mysteriously endowed with the powers of a box, after an unlikely accident on the Gatwick Airport baggage terminal conveyer belts.

b0xman meaning

Lego man, also known as forcey

b0xman meaning

stupid, worthless being obsessed with legos :p

b0xman meaning

God, Buddha, Muhammed, and all other supreme beings, rolled into one.

b0xman meaning

A man who is incapable of having the act of reproduction.

b0xman meaning

Someone in the act of being pwned or someone that has just been pwned

b0xman meaning

fag, queer, and all homosexuals rolled into one

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b0xx0rs meaning

A fun way to say "boxers"

b0xx0rz meaning

L33t term for "boxers".

b1 meaning

Another way to stay "blaze it"(referring to smoking cannabis) It's one of the few expressions for smoking weed that adults haven't figured out yet.

b10 meaning

To defeat or subdue, as in a contest.

b10tch meaning

a group of 10 girls that cry and bitch about everything in high school and can be found mostly hang out with the grew