B12 boom meaning and definition

B12 boom meaning

The handshake created to symbolize a shit gesture, as well as a farewell among beautiful friends.

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B138 meaning

Bird 138 "Codename Chicken." 138th iteration of bird engineering by KFC.

B13 and chill meaning

The perfect group chat. One which, usually, contains the perfect ratio of banter to intelligent conversation, and which the mood remains chill even when the gossip level goes past 13.

B14 meaning

B14 means 'bitch' (spell: bich);Used by Russian communes online, for example, in chat-rooms.''1'' reads as ''i'' as in 1337-speak. While 4 in Russian is spelled "Chitiri" and is often used to replace "ch". (As other example, people use 6 (Šeštj) in chat and forums to replace "š" as well.B14 is used the same way as normal "bitch".

B151 meaning

B151 stands for Bacardi 151 Rum is a high proof (75.5% alc/volume) rum

B15NewYork meaning

Suggests that it's a B15 from New York. Also; a member of a local NYC based Sentra club who has a Granite SEx2.0 Sentra.