C-5 meaning and definition

C-5 meaning

A military term used for a male-male-female threesome in which the woman is providing oral sex to one man and vaginal or anal sex to the other.The term is derived from the C-5 Galaxy aircraft, which has a hinged nose in addition to the aft cargo hatch. As such, the aircraft can be loaded from the front and the rear.For a similar act, see the Eiffel Tower.

C-5 meaning

A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning: I'm in position, but said in normal life

C-5 meaning

Lingo short for "class 5" used by Canadian Tire staff to signal to each other of a hot female shopper.There are different types of C5's, for instance:C5-code L = Latina C5-code M = MILF C5-code LG = Little girl C5-code P = Pregnant C4 = Not as hot as C5 but still worthy to point out C3 = Decent C2 = Put a bag over that shit! C1 = Why are you even pointing her out?

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C50 meaning

Representative for any person below normal IQ and may possibly be of the gay sexual orientation .

C-51 meaning

C-51 is a term used by people in the gang Crips, meaning "Crip for Life".

C-53 meaning

One who is struggling in school. Not from a lack of knowledge but from a lack of trying all together. This person is just in general a complete artard.

c6 meaning

A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning: Reporting in, but said in normal life

C600 meaning

C600 is a Crip term for Young Commanders. So are C60, C21 and a bunch of other codes C^