C1 meaning and definition

C1 meaning

From the PC game Counter-Strike, where C1 will send a radio message 'Roger that'. Now used in real life.

C1 meaning

"afirmative" - a phrase in the game counter-strike

C1 meaning

A cs-ers counter-strike way of saying "Affirmative". If you press c 1 in Counter-strike it`ll say affirmative.

C1 meaning

Small single engined airplane made by Cessna. Generally refers to the Cessna 172, the most highly produced airplane in the world.

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C10 meaning

GM's pickup truck that is also called the S10, C/K, amond other names. Very popular in the custom truck community, like the S10. Came with engines ranging from the economical 236 cu. inch straight-6 to the burly 396 big block V8, but I've seen some crazy dudes put an LS2 in them before. Very cool stock or modded truck for a relatively low price. Very, very popular as a light-duty commercial delivery truck. My dad's NAPA store runs a fleet of 8 S10's strong and 1 Ranger, a Colorado, and an Astrovan.

C10H15N meaning

The chemical formula for methamphetamine, a very gross, disgusting, and addicting drug. Don't do meth, it's gross.

C-11 meaning

canada's version of SOPA

C11H15NO meaning


C11H15NO2 meaning

It is the chemical better known as Ecstasy.