C2M meaning and definition

C2M meaning

Abbreviation for "Chuckling to Myself", used to express laughter via instant messages and text messages. More accurate and honest than the commonly (mis)used "lol" in regard to to the actual physical act of text-derived laughter.

C2M meaning

An acronym for "Chuckling to myself"- A common acronym that follows a text message which is much more accurate than the common "lol." Used to replace "lol" because laughing out loud is not common when reading a text; whereas, chuckling to yourself is much more common and realistic.

C2M meaning

Chuckle to MySelfWho actually laughs out loud when they read something? I don't. But sometimes I do chuckle to myself, so instead of typing LOL type C2MS.

C2M meaning

chuckle to myself

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C2P meaning

Cock 2 Pussy.

C2PB meaning

Contrary to Popular Belief.A semi-rant, semi-list of things about yourself that people don't really understand or grasp, and things in society you believe or don't believe in, even if few people agree with you.Not a hate speech, just expressing your beliefs and how you feel that don't go with the general population.Commonly posted on Facebook as a note or status.

C2Q meaning

Clip to Quality - Firstly Playing a normal version, than an edited version after.

c2s meaning

short for "chuckle to self". c2s is used when you have told or heard a joke that you find amusing. This word was created to replace the overused lol.

c2thorn meaning

Cameron Thornton/(Aaron Brandon)