c|_| meaning and definition

c|_| meaning

Care cup - Used in a conversation when someone tells you something and you basically Don't care.

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c⌠⌡ meaning

There aren't any definitions for c() yet. Can you define it?

C meaning

Denotes the speed of light.

C- meaning

An extremely powerful computer language on which the foundations of most other mid-level and RAD languages are based. Although it is not object-oriented like C++ and Java, it compiles into tighter code that occupies less space. It is used most frequently for applications designed to run in tight conditions, such as on a computer with a slow CPU and/or a small amount of memory. It is also closer to assembly language than it is to mid-level languages (on the spectrum of computer languages, C is toward the low end of the mid-level languages), making it more difficult to fully master than most languages.

C-0 meaning

A gang of truly ghettofied gangster girls, who always show off their sexiness and class while consistently defeating their rival gang, P:9

c00 meaning

l33t speak (aka 1337) for the word cool, as the word f00 (fool) the "L" is dropped and the O's are replaced with 0's..

c00l meaning

So awesome that cool or kewl will not describe it.

c00lp0pz meaning

like "cool beans" but way better and more sophisticated.

c00n meaning

a term of abuse used by inadequate racist scum in a sick attempt to try and stop themselves from trying to deal with their own inadequacies

c00nism meaning

A person of low socio-economic status status who likes to study the art of sniffing petrol, drinking their life away and not working. They are on a quest to ask every person in the world if they can spare a cigarette for them.

c00per meaning

Spelled with two zeros, c00per is the legendary master of Photoshop or the 'CHOP'.