c-74 meaning and definition

c-74 meaning

Section in Riker's Island used to hold adolescent offenders.

c-74 meaning

In the film industry a C-47 is a clothespin, so a C-74 is a clothespin that's been reversed so that the pointy narrow ends pinch together, forming tweezer like device.

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C7AY meaning

C7AY-Means a gay person.

c8 meaning

A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning: Negative, but said in normal life

C9 meaning

Short for Cloud Nine, or another name for the m249 LMG also known as the "SAW"

C93 meaning

C93 is an acronym commonly used as shorthand when referring to the neofolk group Current 93, especially common amongst fans in instant messaging conversations.

c99 meaning

Short for "Cinderella 99". A potent marijuana strain that resulted from a Jack Herer and ShivaSkunk cross that is known for its fruity aroma and uplifting, trippy high. The genetics include Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk.