c00n meaning and definition

c00n meaning

Short for racoon. Usually called that from the evilness its done.

c00n meaning

im not racist but 1. its a word u can call a black person 2.its also like a really poor person also so its multi racial

c00n meaning

If you get Rick roll'D two times from the same person, then you're a c00n, or if you say dumb sh*t like unfunny jokes and stuff, then you're also a c00n. You can be a c00n without being black or being a racoon. This word is a derivate from the word b00n (a person that sucks in video games), so if you pown someone, not only in video games, you can call him a c00n.

c00n meaning

a term of abuse used by inadequate racist scum in a sick attempt to try and stop themselves from trying to deal with their own inadequacies

c00n meaning

An african american who is so f***ing retarded and smells bad because they're black. I h8 em. Naggers, jews, arabs, homosexuals...i hate em all... WHITE POWER!!!

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c00nism meaning

A person of low socio-economic status status who likes to study the art of sniffing petrol, drinking their life away and not working. They are on a quest to ask every person in the world if they can spare a cigarette for them.

c00per meaning

Spelled with two zeros, c00per is the legendary master of Photoshop or the 'CHOP'.

c00t meaning

Cute...Handsome...Good to look at...Sweet. Alternatives: c0ot, co0t, k00t, k0ot, ko0t.

c00torz meaning

Like c00t but cooler See c00t

c00z meaning

The new way of spelling cool...in a cooler way..or more correctly a c00zer way. Derived from the word 'c00', c00z takes it to the next level, and is set to make its way into 1337 dictionaries everywhere in the not too distant future.