c00torz meaning and definition

c00torz meaning

Like c00t but cooler See c00t

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c00z meaning

The new way of spelling cool...in a cooler way..or more correctly a c00zer way. Derived from the word 'c00', c00z takes it to the next level, and is set to make its way into 1337 dictionaries everywhere in the not too distant future.

c0113ct meaning

l33t speak for collect. Coined for the fastest GW attacker in the game bar none. Co-Author of the Fitshaced Manifesto

C|-|080 meaning

Someone who is new or bad at computer gaming, typed in |-|4x0|2

c0c0L0c0 meaning

CRAZY, just plain CRAZY!

c0ck meaning

Gigantic black cock, so big that it is spelled with a zero instead of an 'o'. Mostly used to ream the assholes of cute little asian men.