c0c0L0c0 meaning and definition

c0c0L0c0 meaning

CRAZY, just plain CRAZY!

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c0ck meaning

Gigantic black cock, so big that it is spelled with a zero instead of an 'o'. Mostly used to ream the assholes of cute little asian men.

c0ckz meaning

Retarded way to say cocks, which is an awesome slang term for a certain member of the male genital arrangement.

c0de meaning

A silly little IRC user who thinks he can hack the planet with his 1337 skills. From this delusion we get the IRC nickname "c0de" as it apparently asserts himself within the IRC community as being "1337" or "hax0r". When in reality, he's a bit of a prick who knows not alot about anything worth knowing about.

c0k meaning

1337 Slang for "Cock"

c0ke meaning

c0ke means what e1f drinks all day

C0mbat Pure meaning

Held the reign of number one rogue in the Runescape MMORPG game Runescape the longest, known for his insane f2p skills and his Zerker Pure with the legendary name of "Combat".

c0n meaning

A Member of hR, Resides on battle.net to be the porch monkey of all. Goes by the name of BoB. Previous member of zer0. Best friend is a nigger.

C0N0RB0B meaning

A term used to describe a minecraft player who donates a large amount to a server, then leaves for no apparent reason

c0nc33t3d meaning

A term used to described scene kids who have done nothing to an obnoxious n00b.

c0q meaning

nerd, leet, haxor, gamer, irc way of spelling cock and derivatives of cock such as cock sucker or cock master.