C10H15N meaning and definition

C10H15N meaning

The chemical formula for methamphetamine, a very gross, disgusting, and addicting drug. Don't do meth, it's gross.

C10H15N meaning

Rare slang originating in Winnipeg's roughest "hoods" and is used to describe high purity Methamphetamine. Sometimes shortend to H15, Carbon 10 Hydrogen 15 and Nitrogen is the formula for 100% pure Methamphetamine.

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C-11 meaning

canada's version of SOPA

C11H15NO meaning


C11H15NO2 meaning

It is the chemical better known as Ecstasy.

C12 meaning

Extremely cool; The act of being extremely amazing.

C-130 meaning

C-130 Hercules The C-130 is a US vehicle transport plane. It is amphibious. It was tested in 1954. It could serve thirteen different roles and has fifty-one variants. All the C-130 variants can perform tactical airlifts and humanitarian relief, eight are aerial tankers, three are commanding aircrafts, one is a maritime patrol aircraft, two fly special operations, six are search and rescue, two are VIP transports, one flies reconnaissance missions, one is an airborne hospital, four fly support to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, three control unmanned aircraft, three cover electronic warfare, three are responsible for space and missile operations, six are for test and evaluation purposes, and five are gunships. The AC-130J is one of the most lethal planes in existence, and the C-130J is one of the best mobile hospitals, the RC-130J is one of the best recon planes out there, and the EC-130J is one of the best aerial command and control posts that ever flew. Type: multipurpose plane Dimensions: span 40.4m; length 34.37m; height 10.1m Payload: 19500kg Speed: 625km/h Range: 5100km Ceiling: 10668m