c2c meaning and definition

c2c meaning

Cam-to-cam. Online interaction where both parties are visible to each other via webcam. Sometimes used for simple conversations, but most often for exhibitionistic/voyeuristic remote sex. Usually seen in terms of a proposition in a chat room.

c2c meaning

"Clear to call" when you want to call someone but you don't want to get them in shit for calling at the wrong time, text them 'c2c' in order to make sure to coast is clear.

c2c meaning

cock to cock used in gay chat rooms for guys with camera who want to chow their cocks to each other on web cams

c2c meaning

Consumer to Consumer. As in, the two parties involved in financial or business transactions, traditionally sales of goods or services. contrast to: b2b, b2c

c2c meaning

Consumer to Consumer. See also, b2b and b2c.

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C2C Ratio meaning

Stands for 'Cunt to Cock Ratio' and refers to the ratio of women to men at a given event. It is rarely given as an actual number but its favourability is often discussed.

c2d meaning

core 2 duo. brand of processor made by the company Intel.

c2e meaning

cease to exist

c2h5oh meaning

One of the most important molecules in male life. the other two are H2O and O2. It's a molecular formula of alcohol, more precisely ethanol, or drinking alcohol. In other word, solution to all life problems.

c2j meaning

"Come to Jesus"