D12 meaning and definition

D12 meaning

"D12" stands for "Dirty Dozen", as D=Dirty and 12=dozen. It's a rap group consists of Eminem a.k.a Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers, Denaun a.k.a Kon Artis, Big Proof a.k.a. Dirty Harry, Swift a.k.a Swifty McVeigh, Kuniva a.k.a. Rondell Beene, and Bizarre a.k.a. Peter S. Bizarre. "D12" met seven years ago at Detroit's Hip Hop Shop, a local hangout where emcees of all calibers would gather in hopes of droppin' a verse or two during the store's "Saturday open-mic sessions."

D12 meaning

The Dirty Dozen...not because there are 12 people but because there are six people all with split personalities: Eminem and Slim Shady Proof and Derty Harry Bizaare and Peter S. Bizaare Mister Denaun Porter and Kon Artis Swift and Swifty McVay Rondell Beene and Kuniva

D12 meaning


D12 meaning

The Baes Rap Group ever It is eminem and 5 friends = 6 x their alter egos = 12 and all from detroit = D they are the Dirty Dozen or the Detroit 12. It was started in 1990 and when eminem got big they were the first ones to get signd to Shady records and have been on every eminem cd even Infinite the street sold debut of eminem and Fucking Crazy, the underground album that is extremely rare same with the album, Drugs they are: Eminem/Slim Shady Proof/Dirty Harry Bizarre/Peter S. Bizarre Kon Artist/Mr. Denaun Porter Kuniva/Rondell Beene Swift/Swifty McVeigh Their Debut was Devil's Night Their second was going to be Devil's Night 2: Halloween but was changed last minute to D-12 World it comes out April 27, 2004. The sigle will be "My Band"

D12 meaning

A legendary rap group who now have 5 members (r.i.p. proof well never forget you). Started out in the Hip Hop Shop in 1990 with Killa Hawk, Eye-Kyu, Fuzz Scoota, Bizarre, Eminem, Proof, Bugz, and Kon Artis. Then Killa Hawk, Eye-Kyu, and Fuzz Scoota left and Bugz brought in Swifty and Kuniva. Then Bugz died in 1999, so then it was left with Eminem, Proof, Bizarre, Kon Artis, Kuniva, and Swifty. So thats when the group rose to fame. They Released 2 Albums Devil's Night, and D12 World, which I think went multi platinum. Then 2 years after D12 World was released, Proof got shot dead at the CCC Club in 4 AM by a bouncer, after getting in a fight with a US Veteran over pool, they say Proof shot the US Veteran first, but they claim to have found the same bullet in both bodies. So thats what left them with 5 members, they will be realising a 3rd album in 2010. R.I.P. Bugz and Proof.

D12 meaning

dirty dozen

D12 meaning

A twelve sided die used most often in tabletop roleplaying games.

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D12DickRider meaning

Someone who rides Dwight Howard's dick so hard it makes it difficult for him to run up and down the court.

D12 World meaning

Eminem's new rapping boy band. Their new single is 'My Band.' The members include Bizarre, Eminem, Kon Artis, Swift, Proof, and Kuniva. They are all African American except for Eminem

D-1337 meaning

A person who is not 1337. The opposite of 1337. Someone "unleet".

d16y6 meaning

Honda's 4cyl. 1600cc DOHC engine that came in 4th Generation SI civics.

D17 meaning

The 1.7 litre displacement motor found in most 7th Generation Honda Civics (2001-2005). D17s come in both Vtec and non Vtec variety. The Vtec version had variable valve timing only on the intake valves because of the engines single cam design. Upgrades to this motor are somewhat limited and the connecting rods are considered the weakest part of this motor.

D1ck meaning

A Way to bypass the censor in online games.

d1ckz0r meaning

When a guy is out on friday nights with 'his' friends, where men get erections over other men

D1GP meaning

D1 Grand Prix is a sport, which is judged, based on who has the coolest and radical drifting performance style. Drifting is a way of driving that force the rear tires slide while controlling the pass of forward motion. The steering wheel is turning to the same side of the sliding direction, and drivers are to control the vehicle in extreme speed, often exceeding 120mph, and driving conditions. Drifting is an extremely difficult driving style that requires a high level of skill and technique to control the car in the relm of the uncontrolable. It's very amusing to watch each driver's performance as well. In addition, unlike Rally and other motor sports, the determination of winner/loser is largely based on driver's skill instead of the machine advantages. D1 Grand Prix is all about the rivalry of each driver's drifting skill.

d1gz meaning

Word used in reference to distinguish the best.

d1m meaning

means ur a counter strike GODa girll who pwns pussy ass boys!!!