Descript meaning and definition

Descript meaning

Short for Description

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descriptave meaning

The Plural of Descriptive.

Description meaning

On YouTube, it's something that we use to give information about our videos that make anything that isn't too self explanatory a whole lot more clear, or to present the video as more interesting. Countless YouTubers ignore these often resulting in the posting of a stupid comment or question that's unnecessary because it was likely to be answered in the *drumroll please...* description!These comments tend to become so sad that users need to include 20 FAQs in their descriptions because the idiots won't shut the hell up.Read the comments to any video posted by GuitarHeroPhenom and you'll understand. They're also enough to keep someone entertained for a while, as the stupidity is legendary.

descriptionate meaning

To add unnecessary description to a sentance or conversation

descriptiveness meaning

The ability to describe things.

descriptive writing meaning

Descriptivfe Writing is a type of writing where you describe something using many very descriptive adjectives.

descrotalise meaning

Using wet wipes to clean the scrotal zone after excessive sweating or dirt. Particularly happens at festivals.

Descrotamised meaning

The removal of the scrotum without disrupting the gonads.

Descrotilation meaning

The removal of ones scrotum by means of surgical procedure allowing the testes to simply hang loose.

descrotumizing meaning

The process of inserting your Penis into a girls mouth and getting it bit off

descuble meaning

1. A combination of a desk and/or acubicle. 2. A desk with walls surrounding its sides. 2. A desk within a cubicle. 3. A desk of the roll-top variety.